Leading up to this video, we spent two days on Titanite Hill scouting around for just the right conditions that produce the prized Trilliumite found only in Ontario Canada. Trilliumite by another name is Gem Apatite but renamed after the Provincial Flower the Trillium. As you may know, it’s pretty rare to find facet grade Trilliumite in larger carat sizes as it’s a fairly soft mineral by jewelry standards. Between the harsh winters in Northern Ontario, and the growth formations associated with Apatite, make it very rare to find 20+ carat VVS-IF clean facet gems. As you will see in the video we found some that are close to this size and soon will be available for purchase. The method we used on this trip was to sift the raw handfuls of material pulled out several pockets shown in the photos.
The one pocket appears to be a collection of mineral run-offs from higher up on the hill as the surrounding walls didn’t project the diversity found within the soil. There were a few larger specimens we didn’t include in the video as they were handled separately with greater care.
We are very excited to bring this video to all of you as we filmed the live reveal from the many buckets we brought back. You see what we see as we reveal what’s been underground for thousands of years!



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