02 Aug

On Friday July 29th we attended the Bancroft Gemboree in Northern Ontario. It was deffinetely a sight to see. There were many vendors selling different types of gems and minerals that consisted of rough minerals, along with faceted gemstones, jewellery, fossils and more! We met a vendor from Ethiopia that sold rough welo opals, and we couldn’t resist picking out a few for ourselves to bring home. Below are the pictures of the opals we bought, we love the fire in these ones and are beyond excited to start making some jewellery with them!
Another main focus of the Gemboree was their special guest speaker, Michael Gordon, which we had the great pleasure of meeting! Micheal is well known in Ontario for his vast knowledge of identifying gems and minerals, caving, and geology. Michael has become an incredible source for rockhounds throughout Ontario and beyond with his books and youtube channel.


Two books in the Rockhound series he has released so far include: An Experience of the North along with Opening the Treasure Chest. We highly recommend reading these, as there is plenty of valuable and useful information inside. A third book is also coming soon, which we look forward to reading! Can’t get enough of caving and rockhounding? These books are a must have, and you can get them directly at www.rockhoundbook.com.

rockbook1 rockbook2rockhoundbook3

If you are going to any gem and mineral show the Bancroft Gemboree is one you will never regret. Next year the plans are in the works to have a booth ourselves displaying precious minerals from all over Ontario. We hope to see everyone there!

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