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Alexandrite10-15 ct70-90$21.21+$0.02$21.21$20.87Low
Current and historical Alexandrite market price index:
Current 12 month price per carat by date 2016-2017.
Rough average pricing scale.

Price per carat by year end.
Physical Properties of Alexandrite:
Chemical:BeAl2O4, Beryllium aluminum oxide with small amounts of iron and chromium.
Cleavage:1,1 ; 3,2
Fracture:Uneven to conchoidal
Color:Light-blue to dark-blue, blue-green
Crystal System:Orthorhombic
Specific Gravity:3.68 - 3.75
Refractive Index:1.746 - 1.763
Transparency:Transparent to Opaque

Tanzania, Brazil, Burma, India, Russia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Zambia.geo_alexandrite

Alexandrite is one of the rarest of all colored gemstones and is famed for its color change from green in daylight to red under incandescent light. The Alexandrite effect displays a color change dependent upon the nature of ambient lighting. This effect is the phenomenon of an observed color change from greenish to reddish with a change in source illumination. Alexandrite results from small scale replacement of aluminium by chromium ions in the crystal structure, which causes intense absorption of light over a narrow range of wavelengths in the yellow region (580 nm) of the visible light spectrum. When the light is balanced (daylight), the stone will be green but when the light source is reddish (incandescent), the stone appears red.


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